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The hot sun in summer and the bitter cold during the winter of defeat skin. The little lines around the eyes commonly seen when we reach the end of twenty years. These lines gradually deepen over the years and become prominent because the skin is the thinnest and most delicate in the whole body. Eye lid area is one of the most animated parts of face, with strong muscles to create more terms.

The most common cause of wrinkles around the eyes are the small muscles in front of our eyes, the project that we change our facial expressions, but that does not mean we should stop smiling.

The good news is that the eye wrinkles, also known as crow’s feet can be erased much to restore the youthful look. There are a variety of treatments, both surgical and noninvasive, have been successful in eliminating these wrinkles.

The area around the eyes is one of the first regions in the face to show signs of aging. The skin around the eye is deprived of the oil glands and is very delicate, and that is why your skin has no protection from the environment influences and UV rays. Eye Wrinkles / scrabble / is a common and highly visible signs of aging.

How To Remove Crows Feet?

You can use lasers SilkTouch and Fraxel laser used successfully to remove wrinkles.Restylane and Botox are great dermal filler that lasts up to 6 months.There is alos a new treatment called Thermage, which is used to tighten the skin under the eyes. Also, some products Alphahydroxy acid, vitamin C and copper peptide can be brought over the counter and reduce eye wrinkles.

How To Reduce Black Circles Under The Eyes?

Laser technology photogenic and Lyra help to remove the enlarged blood vessels.

Makeup can be used to cover up the blood vessels.

cleanse skin around the eyes in the morning with a special eye lotion or cleansing milk.

Apply an eye cream with light cover, but not stretch the skin. Apply them carefully begins at the outer corner of your eye to the inner corners.

At night, remove makeup thoroughly. Apply cleansing milk and remove mascara first, and once you have removed the makeup completely apply an eye cream again.

The eye cream should be used in facial cream

Use an eye mask twice a week

Place the tea bags over your eyes to soothe irritating to eyes

If your skin is sensitive use unscented products

Always use sunscreen, especially during summer months

Avoid using cream eye shadow, they can seep into fine lines and strengthen them even more.

Get enough sleep

Drink lots of water, at least 1.5 liters

Wear hats and black sunglasses, especially during the summer

Avoid smoking – it makes you squint and depriving your skin from the “air”

Take vitamins and eat lots of vegetables and fruit

Always use high quality products

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, and that’s why you need a special eye creams or gels that are specially designed for the delicate eye area. Most of them contain ingredients that relax muscles, vitamins, retinol and collagen.

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