Top 30 Best Motivational Status, As WhatsApp, FB

Motivational Status – Hello & welcome to my lovely friends, we have posted enough posts so far and you have loved all our posts. So, today I providing a special new post for you. this is some Motivational thoughts i would like to share. You need something and someone when bad time comes. you need to hold on to something, you need to belief in your inner spirit. the music that is playing in your soul should not be replaced with the outer noise and chaos.

So, here are some Motivational Status and Inspirational Status which you can write down or take a note and save in some place and read every time. Because faith only comes by practicing it. 

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Top 30 Best Motivational Status, As WhatsApp, FB

People dont get hit, because they dream too big, people often get hit by thinking too small.

In tough time it is hard to show your character rather than your attitude.

A man need to do, what he need to do.

Tough time never last, but tough people do.

Some ones opinion doesn’t have to become your reality.

Walk into the path, where there is no road, build one and walk into it and leave a trail for the others.

My biggest fear in my life is not to reach to my goals.

Some people complain about the life, some people pray for the life, some people do something for the life.

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World is full of wise people who do nothing but if you think you are crazy enough then u r about to do something.

I am a beast and beast have no regret for anything.

There is no good and no bad, thinking only makes it.

I am good if you think, i am worst if you think.

World is full of stupid people.

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People often complain about their life but the fact is 90% people dont care and 60% people are happy that it happens with you. so, stop complaining and start living.

I have seen so many people who did nothing but talk like they are everything.

You have to be mad baby, if you are not then how can you handle this crazy world.

If you cant kiss on my cheek, then you can always kiss ma as.

If you think bad enough for it, then go and fight for it, day and night for it, to give up your time and peace for it, if all your dreams are for it,and life seems useless and worthless without it, go behind it and chase it and with the help of god you will get it.

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If there is no enemy within us,no outside  enemy can harm us.-socretis.

Money doesnot make you happy, it comes with new oxygen level-unknown.

Most people fail not because they aim too high, most people fail because they aim too low and get hit-les brown.

Some ones opinion has not be your reality, you are better than that-les brown.

If you have money,woman will find something cute on you-les brown. 

Dont stop, untill you win-les brown.

Life is either a daring adventure….
or its boring-helen keller. 

If you are not willing to take risk, you cannot grow,
if you cannot grow you cannot be your best, if you cannot be best you cannot be happy if you cannot be happy then whatelse is there in your life.

you have something special you have greatness within you,
your dream is possible.

All of them are selfmade, but only successful people will admit that.

If you give enough people what they want
they will give you
what you want-zig ziglar.

When the end comes for you, let it find you conquering a new mountain
not sliding down an old one.-jim rohn.

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