Monday, 17 February 2020

The Best Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

The Best Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

Hello friends welcome, in this article of our day, today we talk about making money from blogging, friends, we start a blog but we do not have a good knowledge about making money from blogging, so we have good traffic. We do not make money.

So today I will tell you about the best way to earn money from your blog, so let's not take much of your time and come directly to the topic.

9 Best Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

Today, we will tell you 10 great ways that will help you to earn money from your blog.

1. AdSense

AdSense is Google's advertising network that allows to publish ads on any right website. When people click on ads, publisher earn revenue from Adsense. AdSense is the world's highest earning company. This is true for those website's whose Site has a lot of web traffic.

To publish Google Adsense ads on your website, it is important to know the Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is because you cannot get publisher approval from Google AdSense on any website without meeting Googles rules.

2. Other Banner Ads

If for some reason you do not know how to get Approval from AdSense, then there are many more Ads Network on the Internet which allows advertisement to be published There is an chance to make good money-online.

  • Revenue Hits
  • Bidvertiser
  • Infolinks
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Propeller Ads
  • Chitika

There are many more Ads Networks like these

Before using all these Ads Networks, you will definitely get good information about them and you will get information about them on YouTube and Google.

Note. Take as much detail about any home based work that is being done through the Internet so that you do not get caught in a scam.

3. Affiliate Networks

If the traffic on your website is very high, then you can also choose any good affiliate network by not choosing the Advertising Network to earn money. selling of product's of any Best company through it's website is called Affiliate-Marketing. In such a situation, the company with the product gives the website owner some pay as commission of the price of that product.

You can place affiliate ads on your website in your post, on the sidebar, through link ads and pop-up ads.

4. E-book Writing And Selling Ebook

If you are a good writer and want to sell your books online, creating your blog is very good. If you want to earn money on an online blog, you can sell your written ebook as a PDF on your website or blog. You can also sell others e-books on your blog website through affiliate-marketing.

5. Advertise Other's Ads And Links On Your Website

There are many websites that require paid traffic to their website, in which case, they take the help of websites that take some money and put a link or banner ad on their website for a while.

If you can drive more traffic to your website by making your website better and more successful, you can also put paid link ads on your website and save money.

6. Sell Your Blog Or Website

If the Earning of your website is good but you do not want to go ahead with that website and want to leave, then you can sell websites like at a good price.

7. Software And Apps

If you know how to make or design software, you can sell it on your website. Be it Android Apps, Windows Apps or any other platform.

8. Sponsored Post

People can write posts in their blog, but it takes more time to earn money, because to bring traffic to any new website on the Internet, a post with good keywords is needed and people have to write according to their needs.

In such a way, a new way to earn money quickly is to write Paid Post or Sponsored Post for another website. If people visit your website on the scale of lakhs per day, then you can lose a lot of money from the sponsored post. In the sponsored post, the Admin / Author of the blog or website writes a detailed post on his blog about any other product or company, for which that website owner has already been Amount Paid.

9. Providing Online Services

You can also provide many types of online service on your blog or website. Make your website or blog a community where people can solve their problems. You can provide a variety of articles on your website that help people solve problems online. If you are a teacher you can also teach students online on your website. If you are a doctor, you can solve patient problems online.

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